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My Fridge

Oh man, this is such the awesome community. I wish it got more activity!

PICTURES: (some content may be disturbing for those who don't own non-mammalian pets!) :P Fridge - Freezer

My fridge is pretty stocked right now, as we just went shopping yesterday :3 And if you're really weird like me and enjoy such details, here's a list of everything that's in there off the top of my head:

Fridge, top shelf:
- Nightcrawlers for my tiger salamander, mealworms for my leopard gecko, teriyaki sauce, hot peppers for my cabbage recipe, my grandma's homemade strawberry jam, kidney beans for salads as well as for my pet insects, garlic, massive sub sandwich, and butter & yogurt.

Second shelf down:
- Pomegranite juice, my grandma's super skim milk I got by accident when we went shopping :P, chai mix, soy milk, egg nog, coke zero, mayo, and the ingredients to the garden veggie soup I'm gonna make (baby spinach, mushrooms, onion, celery, bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, chicken broth, etc.)

Bottom shelf:
- More yogurt & pudding, rum, other drinks, boyfriend's nutrition shakes, fruit-in-a-cup, and berry drink~ In the drawers and in the door shelves are romaine lettuce, stale veggies for bugs, coffee creamer, parmesan cheese, other cheeses, turkey pepperoni, whipped cream, dressings, canned biscuits, condiments and green olives of which I LOVE to eat right out of the jar :D~

ANDDDD in the freezer:
- fuzzy rats for my red tail boa, mysterious ziplocked food (I presume) from my grandma, strawberries, ham, turkey hamburger, SmartOnes dinners, boyfriend's pizza rolls, eggos, ice cream, popsicles, chicken, veggies, etc :)
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